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Kerwin Claiborne

Kerwin hails from a small Mississippi town called Pattison. Growing up, his influences were the likes of Martin Lawrence, Jamie Foxx, and Tyler Perry. For years, Kerwin has watched and studied nothing but the best, all the while perfecting his timing and delivery in various comedy clubs around the country. He used his unbelievable work ethic along with his wit to produce his own videos derived from everyday people he knows. Videos that just happened to go viral on a daily basis.To date, Kerwin has over 1 million social media followers.

The Comics
Screenshot_2020-10-10 BEWARE IM REAL LIFE FUNNY πŸ˜‚πŸ ( tc_illkillya) β€’ Instagram photos and videos(3)

Tarion “TC” Caldwell

Caldwell decided to make his first video because of an incident that occurred involving him at a gas station. On this day TC witnessed a woman pumping her gas while her boyfriend stayed in the vehicle. Being a gentleman Tarion offered politely to pump her gas. The boyfriend immediately jumped out of the vehicle and wanted Tarion to leave. Tarion stood his ground and insisted on pumping the young lady’s gas. Feeling as if Tarion was trying to make a fool of him the boyfriend became disrespectful and belligerent. TC explained to the boyfriend that all the energy he was displaying toward him needed to be the same level of energy and passion within his relationship with his woman. TC was simply pointing out to the boyfriend that he needed to step up to the plate more in the relationship. This event was more than about pumping gas. It was about being a king for a woman with king qualities. Tarion reminds men that courting a lady and making her feel like a queen means being an alpha male with consistency throughout the relationship and remaining the man a woman signs up for.

Β  Β  Β This video was posted on social media and quickly became viral with over seven million views and counting. TC I’ll Kill Ya means to kill you with laughter and truth and this name is rapidly growing into a regularly used household name.


Justin Whitehead

Up and coming comic Justin Whitehead is sure to tickle your funny bone and have you rolling, dying laughing.


From the Net to the stage

You can watch Justin’s comedic impressions on YouTube and The Gram for a sneak peak at what you’ll get in person.


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